Students can be placed into classes depending on age, ability and previous training at the discretion of the faculty. We strongly encourage students to take at least two classes to broaden their dance abilities and discover their interest and skill sets.

Course Descriptions:

Creative Movement (Impulse Dance) – For Ages 2 – 3 

This wonderful class is an introduction to the word of dance and tumbling. This class also consists of Stretching and Movement, which encourages body space and awareness. Basic ballet and tumbling are included. Students participate in group activities designed to enhance and develop rhythm and coordination. Pink ballet shoes, purple leotard or shirt and black leggings are required. Creative Movement classes are 45 minutes long.

TUTU CUTE*Pre-school - For Ages 3-4

The class consists of introduction to dance using tap and ballet. This class allows students to participate in creative movement along with being introduced to tap and ballet. Dance attire for pre-school class consists of a pink leotard, pink tights, white skirt, black tap shoes, and pink ballet shoes. Pre-school classes are 45 minutes long.

Ballet/Tap – For Ages 5-7

The purpose of this class is for beginner dancers to learn the intro-basic steps in the specific areas of ballet and tap. Once they have mastered the steps from this class they may then choose the area or areas of dance in which they wish to pursue. Dance attire for this class is purple leotard, pink tights, white ballet skirt, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes.


Ballet is the foundation for all dancing. This class will help children develop poise, grace, and balance. Students will progress to pointe with teacher’s guidance and approval. Dance attire -black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and white ballet skirt. Hair must be secured back away from the face in a bun.


Tap will teach children rhythm and is a fun type of dance. We will integrate style into the most basic and advanced tap steps. Dance attire – black dance pants, black shirt/leotard. Black tap shoes are required.


Jazz is a fun and energetic type of dance. We will work to upbeat popular music and emphasize technique. We will work on strengthening and conditioning as well as learning the latest dance moves. Dance attire for this class is a red or black leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes are required. 


This class works on basic acrobatics technique including beginning tumbling, conditioning, flexibility, and proper form and strengthening. Specific skills for this level include forward and backward roll, straddle forward roll, head-stand, cartwheels and bridges. Continuing work will include handstands, one-handed cartwheel, round-off, bridge walking, back-bend, kick-over, back walkover, front walkover, and running round-off. Dance attire for this class is black leggings or sweat pants and grey shirt/leotard.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an energetic, upbeat type of dance that incorporates elements from Jazz, Rock, and Tap and involves a wide range of body movement. Dance attire for this class is a plain shirt and black jogging or sweat pants, and sneakers.


Lyrical is a melding of ballet and jazz technique with a heavy emphasis and emotional narrative of the song. Black leotards with black leggings or black jazz pants and nude lyrical shoes are required for this class.


Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Contemporary dance focuses on connecting the mind and body through fluid dance movements and shapes. Dance attire for this class is black leggings and a comfortable plain shirt.

Hip Hop Fitness -Adults

This class is a fitness class for all adults that want to engage in fun dance moves and burn calories at the same time! The dances in this class take you around the US to catchy hip-hop music in order to help you reach your ideal weight!